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Welcome to the Beta version of the new Apprenticeship Resource Tracker. During this Beta phase, we will be fine-tuning the site’s content, navigation, and layout based on feedback we receive from you. In the meantime. please email all forms to 

ART makes it easy to manage your apprenticeships from a centralized dashboard. Apprentices can track their hours. Employers can track RTI, completed work, and more.

Track all your apprenticeships from a centralized dashboard.

Managing multiple apprentices? No problem. With the ART software, you can easily see where each apprentice is at. ART is the best software for intermediaries to get their work done.

Manage logged hours, On-The-Job Training (OJT), Related Technical Instruction (RTI), and more.

We track all types of data, from RTI to OJT to wage bumps. Get a better overview of what's going on with color-coded dashboard software that keeps everything in check.

Allow your apprentices to log their time and competence-based learning.

Your apprentices can log their progress from their own dashboard. Invite your apprentices and start tracking today!

Apprenticeships are complicated. We make them simple.

The Apprenticeship Resource Tracker (ART) is a software tool funded and managed by the Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN). WIN is a government organization out of Southeast Michigan. If you’re a Michigan company, WIN is here to help you create, register, and manage your apprenticeships. 

You can use the ART software to track and manage your apprenticeships. Get in touch with WIN today to get started.

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Want to use the Apprenticeship Resource Tracker (ART)? You must be a business operating in the state of Michigan. Simply reach out to the Workforce Intelligence Network here—they are the organization that funds and operates ART.

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